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Willow's First Litter

No. Age in Months Training-Block Training-Goals Training Content and Goal
Pup Comes to New Owner and Home
1. 2 - 4

Pup learns new owner, home, family, and environment.

Pup begins to think and learn rules of its new environment. Sit, stay, come, areas off limits, feeding time, etc.

Pup Begins to Associate with its Environment
2. 4 - 8

Training begins to develop pup's hunting abilities.

Pup learns to follow scents.

Early testing on blood trailing.

Goal: Good young hunting dog.

Pup learns of scents, starts following scent trails and searches through thickets.

Pup learns to swim and find its way through fields and woods and different ground covers.

Pup learns the sound of gun shots.

Pup develops hunting drive, starts to give tounge while trailing.

Pup learns to follow trails made with lung, pancreas, or spleens.

Pup learns to follow trails on the lead, and begins following overnight trails.

Sammy at 12 Weeks
Dog Begins Independent Hunting Giving Tongue
3. 8 - 15

Training begins for juvenile hunt test and to further develop hunting aptitudes.

Goal: To pass the JP, juvenile hunt test.

Dog works through trails made by dragging a hare through field and woods.

Works trails on long lead to develop concentration on a single track.

Comes in contact with game.

Learns of different types of water; rivers, lakes, etc.

Learns to tolerate shot gun blasts.

Gains experience in hunting alone and with other dogs.

Dog Has Passed the Juvenile Hunt Test
4. 12 - 18

Classical Hunting Training

Goal: To pass the EP hunt test.

Systematic and consistent training in retrieving.

Taught to retrieve while on a long lead.

Learns to quarter and search for game while staying within shotgun range.

Builds on blod trailing training begun in Block 2.

Wachtelhund Has Passed the EP Hunt Test
5. 18-30

Master Training.

Experienced on the hunt.

Goal: To pass the Versatile Hunting Dog Test.

Blood-trailing trails 600 meters or greater, and overnight trails.

Is obedient in the field. Quarters large ares in search of game. Searches deep marshes for ducks.

Reliable retrieving from far distances with heavy game -- hares, ducks, foxes.

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