2004 Hunting Pictures

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Featured in the June/July05 Issue of Bird Dog and Retriever News
Another Hunter's Perspective - Gun Dog Article
The Deutsche Wachtelhund
Appearance and Size Requirements
Desired Information For the Wachtelhund Buyer
Development Plan for the Training of Wachtelhunds
The Wachtelhunde - An In-Depth Article
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2004 Hunting Pictures

Pat's Christmas Day Turkey

Beryll After A Successful Day Hunting

Autumn And Beryll Pheasant Hunting

Autumn With A Retrieved Pheasant

Autumn and Beryll

Dave And Makenzie


Dave, Bella and Kaiser

Dave and Kevin

Gary and Annabella successfully track a deer.
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Gary, Pike and Willow

Roy and Bill

Dean and Bill

Roy's Buck 2004

Cindy's Buck 2004

Makenzie, Dave and Josh

Makenzie, Roy, Dave and Josh

Opening Day Ducks
Willow, Mike, Rick, Kita and Nathen

Mike, Willow, Kita and Roy

Gary Goerke, Dave Dyer and Roy Aafedt Wachtelhunds 2004
Bella, Kaiser, Pike, Willow, Kita, Lara, Beryll, Autumn
(Not in photo: Isa, Kliff, Selana, Annabella)

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